What do you call a group of people who are driven, focused and accountable? If you’re lucky, you call them a partner.
MicrodesignInc is a leading provider of outsourced sales solutions for middle market to big companies. We lower the risk of doing business while driving sales and growth by providing a world-class sales solution on a completely accountable basis.

Advantage of Consulting by MicrodesignInc

Since sales are tightly linked to a company's reputation and key customer relationships, only a proven expert could be trusted to manage your brand and key business relationships. MicrodesignInc is experienced in the design and execution of outsourced sales solutions for many of the world's leading and emerging companies. We drive revenue, customer acquisition and market share objectives in the commercial sector through our highly skilled, professional sales teams. Over the last two decades, we have built a heritage of growing our clients' advanced technology offerings in new and existing accounts by leveraging our market knowledge, technical expertise and end-user relationships.

These solutions, backed by our best-in-class infrastructure and support teams, allow us to deploy solutions on a scale that best suits each client's business objectives.

We made sales Consulting not just viable, but vital by

  • Offering very extensive expertise in multi-channel, Corporate, Retail and Direct coverage
  • Reducing your time to market with an experienced and expedient program launch
  • Providing a testing ground for sales concepts while reducing client staffing and training expenses
  • Maximizing existing capabilities and identifying oportunities for growth
  • Supplying insightful and comprehensive ROI reports
  • Sharing sales risks and rewards with Pay-for-Performance compensation models
  • Focus on core business and products / services
  • Higher activity per sales representative
  • Speed to market
  • Reduced turnover costs / turnover management
  • More flexibility in building a sales force
  • New product launch capability without a long term commitment
  • More effective prospecting and lead generation effectiveness
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Enhanced relationships with prospects and clients
  • Lower cost per sale
  • More accurate forecasting
  • Scalability
  • Reduce risk of hiring and employing